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Since 2019, a model embodied by our Raison d’être and Group Project.


Crédit Agricole aims to be a trusted partner to all its customers

  • Its solid position and the diversity of its expertise enable it to offer all its customers ongoing support on a daily basis and for their projects in life, in particular by helping them to guard against uncertainties and to plan for the long-term
  • Crédit Agricole is committed to seeking out and protecting its customers’ interests in all it does. It advises them with transparency, loyalty and pedagogy
  • It places human responsibility at the heart of its model: it is providing its customers with the best technological practices, while guaranteeing them access to competent, available local teams responsible for all aspects of the customer relationship

Proud of its cooperative & mutual-banking identity, Crédit Agricole draws on a governance representing its customers

  • It is committed to supporting its regions, by supporting the economy, entrepreneurship and innovation in France and abroad
  • It takes intentional action in societal and environment fields by supporting progress and transformations
  • It serves everyone: from the poorest to the wealthiest households, from local professionals to large international corporates
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