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Our strategic positioning

The Group is strongly positioned to tackle today’s changing environment and has all the strengths required to pursue sustainable growth


Our Group is the tenth largest bank in the world and the third largest in Europe. We have secured our position as the leading bank and leading insurer in France, and the top bancassurance provider in Europe, as well as the top European asset manager.
In a structurally less stable and more unpredictable world (with increasingly stringent regulation, changes in behaviour and technology, and shifting expectations on the part of society), we have chosen a structurally prudent strategy relying on our established expertise and the strong positions that we have already built in our territories.
Our universal customer-focused retail banking model is complete, with powerful specialised business lines which offer significant organic growth potential and are natural consolidators in Europe. Our Group is in excellent shape and has all the resources needed to pursue sustainable growth and seize opportunities that will accelerate organic growth.

A video on our strategic positioning:


Key figures on our strategic positioning:

No. 10 bank


No. 3 bank

in Europe

No. 1 bancassurance group

in Europe

No. 1 asset manager

in Europe

No. 1 bank

and no. 1 insurer in France

World’s No. 1

green bond arranger

France’s No. 1

in fund administration

In Europe’s Top 3

for consumer credit

No. 1 in private financing

for renewable energies in France

A leader in payments

in France

France’s No.1

in real estate development



Take a look at the slides of the analyst and investor presentation meeting held at Crédit Agricole S.A. Head office on 6 June

And the Group Project and 2022 Ambitions:

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