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Our vision

Informed by this raison d’être, which will guide our transformation, we will broaden our relationship model through three major projects. 

The three main projects of Reason for Being

1. Customer project

The customer project has been expanded and targets customer relations excellence through increased action on customer satisfaction by all the business lines, the commitment of the Group as a whole to a “zero error” culture, and an exceptional online customer experience and innovative products and services.

2. Personal responsibility project

Il This project is focused on responsibility at local level. The objective is to offer customers permanent access to a trained, independent and responsive contact in a structure that clearly delegates authority. This process involves managerial transformation, organisational change and a framework of increased confidence.

3. Social project

The social project consists in pursuing the Group’s societal engagement in favour of all, maintaining social connections in the regions, developing social-impact financing and making “green finance” one of the Group’s keys to growth..

Interview with Philippe Brassac on the strategic focuses

In this video, Philippe Brassac, Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole S.A., talks about the strategic focuses of Reason for Being..


Objectives for 2022 per project

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