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Committed to our elders

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On 7 April, Crédit Agricole announced the creation of a €22,8 million fund in support of older people, who have been the worst affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

The fund is sponsored by the Crédit Agricole Solidarity and Development Foundation and its role is to help protect older people from the virus and ward off their loneliness:

  • By financing essential equipment – masks, hand sanitiser, disinfecting wipes, etc. – for carers and support workers in care homes and the community.
  • By providing older people with tablets to help them stay in touch with their families and access online services.

The initiatives were organised quickly and in mid-July, 562,000 older people had received support from Crédit Agricole. This support is ongoing as protection measures are still in place for elderly people.

  • 180,000 carers providing home care to elderly people were issued with personal protective equipment.
  • To help elderly people and combat their loneliness, 10,500 tablets and 2,700 WiFi routers will be delivered to 2,200 care homes, retirement homes and convalescent homes across France by the end of June. This will allow 173,000 elderly people to stay in touch with their families and access online services to make their everyday lives easier.
  • The fund has also financed nearly 1,800 projects organised in local communities to assist older people during the public health crisis.
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