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Credibom - Improve career and development - credit agricole bank and group france

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The goal to increase employee satisfaction with the management of their career and development has led Credibom to implement some key actions that altogether will help the company to consolidate the current position as a top employer in Portugal*.

Training and self-development

The first highlight goes to the launching of a new digital learning academy - «Credibom Xplora». This video-based platform** has reached out all employees in the company in a continuous effort to provide them regular opportunities to learn, develop and advance. 

It offers a learner-driven learning experience through a large resource of short-duration videos in an agile and engaging learning space. 

By adding this micro-learning experience to Credibom learning ecosystem, the company expects to strengthen work performance through a self-development approach and to improve employee retention and engagement.

In addition, with a narrow focus on data-related functions, Credibom has recently initiated a partnership with Coursera, so that employees in those functions could master the skills they need to help the organization to become a data-driven company. This action has a deeper connection to the creation of the data community of Credibom, which represents an important step to address effectively the challenge of attracting, retaining and developing data specialists whose skills are in rapid and constant evolution.

Competency model review

The other highlight goes to the implementation of the competency model review. This project addresses the important challenge of upskilling and reskilling employees set of skills, including technical skills, which are required to deliver the company strategy for 2022. The goal is to define the critical competencies that will speed up the transformation needed to achieve the strategic ambition, assess the existing gaps in the organization and design a development plan to address the gaps that may exist.

The main activities carried out since the beginning of the project include interviews with top managers to define critical skills (soft and hard) and the self-assessment survey launched to all employees, that will allow a comparison between what is expected for each function in terms of level of complexity of the competencies and the employee effective skills. 

Since the start, the project has been supported by a strong communication campaign, which included the setup of the project own branding – “Plano C”, several email letters to the company and a workshop to brief employees about the project timeline and objectives.

For the next steps, individual feedback sessions will be held to define individual development needs and identify career expectations for everyone who have answered the self-assessment survey. Until the end of 2021, the company is committed to define a global action plan to address competency gaps. 

* Credibom applied in 2020 to the Great Place to Work© having achieved the 28th place on the ranking of the 30 best workplaces to work in Portugal. You can have a look on their website by clicking here.
** The provider is LearningHubz, a Portuguese startup company.

For more information, please feel free to contact:

Pedro Neves – HR Business partner


Elisabeth Violante – HR Business partner



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