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Living happy means living safely
If we are living in the age of the ephemeral, Nexecur prefers to see it as a stimulating era, conducive to innovation and lifestyle changes. We are all more equipped, more connected, more informed - and therefore more demanding - than ever. These increased standards require responses adapted to our new living environments and to the various stages in our lives.

In line with its customers’ standards, Nexecur is committed to meeting their expectations with precision and over the long term in all of its businesses. To this end, Nexecur is launching a new remote monitoring offer - Ma Protection Maison - in 2021, along with an enhanced remote assistance offer for ageing well.

Innovation continues to make the homes of tomorrow safer and smarter

Launched at the start of 2021, the Ma Protection Maison offer introduces the first X-IOT platform developed by the Crédit Agricole Group for its customers. Its distribution model - through the Crédit Agricole Regional Banks and LCL - incorporates the Group’s ambition to reinvent its relationship and interactions with its customers using a 100% human and 100% digital model. More than a distribution model, Ma Protection Maison provides a guaranteed remote monitoring offer via its mobile app, its customer area and access to video to monitor your home remotely for peace of mind. More than ever, Nexecur is integrating the new uses of its customers and the lifestyles they make possible.

The offer, which will be improved on an ongoing basis, provides real leverage for the transition from the Safe Home of today to the Safe and Smart Home of tomorrow. A home that will be more secure and smarter - and, why not, a more eco-responsible home thanks to efficient management of energy consumption!

Remote assistance, a prevention tool for ageing well at home.

The majority of the 6 million seniors in fragile health aged 75 and over who now live in France want to maintain their current lifestyle for as long as possible.

To support them and help them to age well at home, Nexecur is upgrading its Liberty Box remote assistance offer with a smartphone designed for the elderly (larger display screen, configured with the remote assistance centre and equipped with a geolocation system if necessary), or an optional activity watch service to alert caregivers in the event of need.

Establish and maintain a relationship based on listening and trust

Protecting our customers’ assets and supporting them at every moment of their lives means above all listening, understanding their individual needs, and proposing new offers that are relevant to them.

Finally, Nexecur remains focused on achieving Relational and Operational Excellence through a plan to combat irritants that was launched several months ago.