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Uni-Médias – Initiatives devised and set in motion by employees - credit agricole bank and group france

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One of the goals targeted with the Engagement and Recommendation Index (IER) is to encourage each and every employee to be accountable in order to further our management culture and play a part in the Group’s transformation. At Uni-médias, a strong focus has been placed on being a team player and on accountability to forge initiatives for 2021.

Staff were divided into several working groups by business line* to explore and work on three issues:

  • What actions should be given priority in 2021 for Uni-Médias?
  • What actions should be given priority in 2021 for my entity?
  • How should we go about implementing these actions? 

Ultimately, these working groups led the following priority actions to promote employee engagement (specific actions by business have also been put in place):

Work on corporate culture with

  • The definition of corporate values;
  • The development of a Teams channel open to all employees to propel a benchmarking culture and enable staff to reconnect with each other. Every employee can participate in these sessions by sharing and talking about their chosen topic.
  • The launch of monthly master classes: on a proposed topic (innovation, media, video, digital), a volunteer employee prepares an intervention open to the entire company. Objectives: inform, share, create transversality, stimulate a culture of questioning.

Organisation of a week-long get-together

  • In June 2021: each department worked in the workshop to reflect on its operation, in a hybrid working method, and rediscover a sense of the collective. A friendly week, with a picnic during the lunch break, to rediscover the pleasure of coming back to the office.

Communication tools

  • A “Green Recap” newsletter to keep employees abreast of the sustainable initiatives introduced at company level that are geared towards customers in-house and outside the company. One such initiative was to call on EcoAct to carry out a global audit of its energy consumption in order to develop an action plan to reduce its environmental impact;
  • A more relatable format for New Year’s greetings: a television studio setting in which employees were invited to talk about specific topics connected to Uni-Médias’ goals for 2021;
  • Annual plenary meetings to mark the success of projects undertaken by employees.

A training programme, with the roll-out of

  • The Skillup training tool to simplify access to training within an entity;
  • Discussions within each division to emphasise and explain the importance of training actions and the issues at stake;
  • A quarterly newsletter to:

- Identify actions under way at Uni-Médias, 
- Raise awareness about in-service training,
- Offer an opportunity to take part in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

The creation of a tailored training course** in conjunction with M2I Formation.

  • This course includes six two-hour modules. Employees can attend workshops where they can learn how to become more productive with OneDrive, organise and host meetings or manage their projects more effectively with Microsoft Teams***.

The IER 2021 results will enable Uni-Médias to gauge the impact of its actions on the engagement of its staff.

To find out more, contact:

Marion Rodriguez – IER Project Manager 

Marion Rodriguez Uni-médias

*Marketing and Digital, Sales, Edition, Support, Finance and Accounting 
** Learning to use OneDrive effectively to become more organised and productive
*** Uni-médias has been running Microsoft Office (E3 licence) since 2016. 

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