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To address current societal challenges, the Crédit Agricole Group has made ten commitments, based on three priority topics: the climate, social inclusion and cohesion, and the agricultural and agrifood transitions.

These commitments are the result of the work carried out by the Group's executive team.

Fighting climate change and the transition towards a low-carbon economy: we want to neutralise our carbon footprint and that of our investment and financing portfolios by 2050; to offer 100% of our customers a range of advice and support on the challenges associated with adapting to the ecological transitions and climate change; to incorporate non-financial performance criteria into 100% of the financing we offer to businesses and farmers.



Strengthening social cohesion and inclusion: we want to offer an inclusive range of products and services to all customers, regardless of their situation; to contribute to the revitalisation of the most vulnerable regions and to reduce social inequality by promoting employment, solidarity, access to essential goods and services, as well as digital technology; commit to the inclusion of young people through work, training and access to funding, and by setting up a dedicated system for them; to enhance the implementation of the principles of diversity and gender equality within the social policies of all Crédit Agricole entities, as well as its governance.



Successfully complete the agricultural and agrifood transitions: we want to support the development of techniques in favour of a competitive and sustainable agrifood system by launching a dedicated fund; to enable French agriculture to actively contribute to the fight against climate change; to help boost food sovereignty by encouraging and assisting new generations of farmers.


10 commitments