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Performance and compensation

Annual evaluation and individual performance

The purpose of these annual exchanges between employees and their managers is to establish a dialogue for progress in order to encourage professional development.

They thus make it possible to:

  • evaluate the past year in terms of performance
  • assess strong points and identify areas of improvement
  • set goals for the coming year
  • support professional development and encourage mobility
  • identify training needs

The Assessment & Development campaign is structured around two interviews carried out during the same meeting or separately, which are formalised in the PeopleCare career management tool.


Focus on the annual evaluation interview (AEI):


This evaluation interview is the synthesis of the regular feedback given during the year.

The employee is empowered:

  • They evaluate themselves first (strengths and areas of improvement) and draw up an assessment of their past achievements in the "PeopleCare" tool
  • They propose goals for the coming year and the actions needed to achieve them successfully
  • After the interview, the manager finalises the evaluation resulting from these exchanges and the employee's goals
  • A summary of the "strong points" and "areas of improvement" identified is recorded



Focus on the annual professional interview (PI):

The professional interview is an opportunity for the employee to develop a professional plan that is consistent with their career path, skills and prospects, and relevant to the Group's needs.

The professional interview takes place every six years.

Reward policy

Crédit Agricole S.A. has defined a responsible reward policy that embodies Group values, based on fairness and common rules for all employees. It serves the Group's raison d’être, the Group Project, the 2022 Medium-Term Plan (MTP), and in particular its Human project.

The reward policy participates in the three founding principles of the Human Project: empowering employees, strengthening our customer focus and developing a framework of trust.

Reward as a whole consists of components of compensation in the strict sense as well as social and other peripheral compensation. Each of these components responds to different targets, specifically in terms of rewarding performance in the short, medium and long term, consistent with the 2022 MTP.

All or part of these components may be offered to each employee, according to their level of responsibility, skills and performance.


In 2021, Crédit Agricole S.A. published its Gender Equality Index, which shows very positive scores for the entire Group:

  • 86/100 for the Crédit Agricole S.A. economic and social unit,
  • All Crédit Agricole S.A. entities ≥ 80/100.


Variable and peripheral compensation

  • Company Savings Plan (PEE): 100% of employees in France have access to a PEE with matching contributions from Crédit Agricole S.A. entities.
  • Group Retirement Savings Plan (PERCOL): 100% of employees in France have a PERCOL, which is also funded by the entities.
  • Profit-sharing and incentive plans: 100% of employees in France benefit from profit-sharing agreements and incentive plans specific to each entity.
  • Life insurance: 100% of employees in France are covered by life insurance schemes with partial or total coverage of contributions depending on the entity. Since January 2015, the life insurance fund has been pooled at Prédica within the Canopée scheme in order to reduce risk and reinternalise the margin if necessary.  
  • Health insurance: 100% of employees in France are covered by a responsible policy for their health insurance, and 99% internationally. Depending on the entity, the basic plan is mandatory or optional for spouses and children. Some entities have also taken out supplementary hospitalisation and specialist insurance policies. 
Rémunération variable



In terms of employee shareholding, employees are involved in the creation of value for the Group through capital increases reserved for the Group's employees and retirees.



Additional benefits 

Throughout their careers, employees have access to a number of benefits offered by the Group, Crédit Agricole S.A. and the Social and Economic Committee (SEC). These benefits aim to facilitate employees’ work-life balance. 

The Individual Social Report provides an overview of the benefits received during the year: components of compensation and, in particular, the company's participation in supplementary health insurance, retirement and life insurance schemes, and the social and cultural activities of the SEC.

There are also other company schemes related to the reimbursement of transport costs, the use of company food services, the monetisation of leave in Time Savings Accounts (TSA) or long-service awards.


Executive compensation


Compensation awarded for 2020

The Chairman of the Board of Directors only receives fixed compensation.

The annual compensation of corporate officers is partly paid immediately and partly deferred in the form of instruments subject to performance and employment conditions. It breaks down as follows.


2021 reward policy

The main goal of the reward policy of Executive Corporate Officers is the recognition of performance over the long term and the smooth implementation of the Group’s strategic plan.

Aligned with the social interests of the company, it takes into account aspects of sustainable performance over and above short-term financial results.

Performance assessment for 2021

Annual variable compensation

To ensure complete independence in the performance of his duties, the Chairman of the Board of Directors does not receive any variable compensation.

The Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer are eligible for individual variable compensation with a target set at 100% and 80%, respectively, of their fixed compensation, capped at 120 % if the target is exceeded. The amount awarded for a given financial year is contingent on performance.

This is based on criteria defined by the Board of Directors described below


Long-term incentive plan

Since 2020, the Chief Executive Officer and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer qualify for the free allocation of performance shares, within the framework of a budget strictly limited to 0.1% of share capital, in order to strengthen their contribution to the creation of long-term value of Crédit Agricole S.A.

The number of shares awarded each year by the Board of Directors is capped at 20% of annual fixed compensation.

The vesting of these shares will be conditioned in particular by the achievement of three demanding economic, stock market and societal performance conditions, assessed over a period of five years. The vesting will be followed by a one-year lock-up period.

The Chief Executive Officer and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer are required to retain, until the end of their term in office, 30% of the shares vested each year.


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