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Work environment

Health and safety

A permanent system for the benefit of employees

Safeguarding workplace health

Crédit Agricole S.A. ensures that its facilities offer a work environment that protects the health of its employees and provides prevention, information and support services for employees (including free screening and vaccination campaigns; advice on ergonomics, nutrition and stress management; and personalised support for employee carers).

Measures to prevent psycho-social risks (freephone numbers and counselling units, social assistance) are deployed throughout Crédit Agricole S.A.


Occupational medicine

Santé et sécurité

The health and well-being of employees are at the heart of Crédit Agricole S.A.’s medical practices. Various preventive actions are regularly implemented at our sites to inform and advise employees and thus contribute to a good quality of life at work (information stands on the fight against diabetes, flu vaccination campaigns etc.)

The purpose of medical check-ups is to assess your state of health through personalised monitoring and to provide advice and recommendations. A medical check-up (known as an information and prevention visit) is organised when you are hired or transfer to a new job. For workers exposed to particular risks, night workers and young people under the age of 18, this visit is carried out before they are assigned to the job.
These visits take place periodically, within a maximum period of 5 years.

Medical examinations are also provided for in connection with sick leave, and an appointment with the occupational physician may be requested at any time by the employee, the employer or the occupational physician themself.


Special COVID support measures for employees 

  • A strong social and responsible doctrine:
  • Local social dialogue in France: 11 information/consultation processes.
  • A new work organisation rolled out in less than two weeks and to support the new working methods. The Group Human Resources Department implemented:
  • Supporting employees as closely as possible: roll-out of a dedicated health and life insurance scheme, psychological support, an online course platform for employees' children, well-being benefits, etc.
  • Continued recruitment of 18,000 new employees (permanent, fixed-term and work-study contracts) for the Crédit Agricole Group in France

A daily accompaniment...

For health and and well-being at work

  • Remote medical consultations.
  • A remote psychological unit.
  • Dedicated psychological support for employees with disabilities.
  • The CA Ma Santé application for beneficiaries of the Crédit Agricole S.A. Group's supplementary health plan.
  • “Well-Being” benefits: corporate yoga classes to combat sedentary lifestyles and maintain focus.
  • Sports benefits: a range of 100% digital sports classes available 24/7 to help people adopt regular physical activity.

For the children of our employees

  • School support for year 7 to final year students

…and COVID-19 related illness

A dedicated health system (support for hospitalised individuals, support for families in the event of death linked to COVID-19): thanks to the Crédit Agricole S.A. Group entities' insurance policies, a certain number of additional services linked to hospitalisation and death have been established and financed by the schemes directly. The services are as follows:

  • Support solution in case of hospitalisation (assistance services, administrative support etc.)
  • Assistance benefit (home assistance, assistance for children under 15 etc.)
  • Additional benefit in the event of long-term hospitalisation with financial assistance
  • Additional death benefit
  • Support for families in the event of death (organisation of funerals, advance payments, administrative assistance, etc.)
  • Psychological support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Prevention measures

In order to combat the pandemic, the Group has imposed the rigorous application of distancing measures and put in place prevention actions: distribution of masks and hand sanitiser, specific cleaning processes, installation of plexiglass if necessary, dedicated communications, adaptation of company restaurants etc.

All entities updated the DUER (single risk assessment document) to include occupational risks directly or indirectly linked to COVID-19.

Quality of life at work and work/life balance

Social benefits



Eligible employees of member entities can enjoy social benefits, including in particular: access to day-care centres (network and company day cares), access to the leisure centre for employees' children, sports activities (sports halls, sports associations, online benefits, etc.), Group banking benefits, the allocation of social housing and access to the service offer of Action Logement Services, etc.



Centre de loisirs



These services for employees and families are managed by the teams of the Group Social Policies Department within the Group Human Resources Department.







This service offer is intended to contribute, as much as possible, to maintaining a good balance between professional and personal life, in line with the objectives and ambitions of our Human project.




Remote working 

100% of employees will be covered by a teleworking charter or agreement by 2020 within Crédit Agricole S.A.

Following this period, negotiations will be opened in the different entities in order to develop the existing systems.


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